Client testimonial - Deborah

Deborah had dreadful neck problems and dizziness for many years. She then learned about Atlas realignment from a colleague and went to see her local…

AtlasPROfilax® - The worlds no. 1 atlas realignment technique

The AtlasPROfilax® method is developed by René C. Schümperli in Switzerland and is available worldwide!

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This is what it might look like during the first appointment when your Atlasprof® is examining you. If you have any questions at all about the…

The second appointment

Did you know that the second appointment after the AtlasPROfilax® treatment includes a follow-up massage of the upper back and the neck area? This…

Client Testimonial

Stephanie felt immediate pain relief in her body after having her atlas vertebra corrected. See her emotional testimonial here:…

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Are you interested in becoming an AtlasPROfilax® therapist? You can apply to our training if you are a medical doctor, physiotherapist, or have a…

Is the AtlasPROfilax® method safe?

Is the AtlasPROfilax® method safe?

Take care of your body

Remember to take care of your body. AtlasPROfilax® is here to help you!

How do you know that the atlas is misaligned?

How do you know that the atlas is misaligned?

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