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Scientific evidence about the AtlasPROfilax® method

On our website you can find several studies about AtlasPROfilax® treatment and its effects:

AtlasPROfilax® Follow-Up and Support

The second appointment (2 to 4 weeks after the treatment) contains a follow-up massage of the upper back and the neck area. We also repeat the tests…

Client review - AtlasPROfilax®

Find more client reviews about the AtlasPROfilax® treatment on our website!

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Stand tall and live pain-free! AtlasPROfilax® is your answer to improved posture and a healthier you.

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The Atlas vertebra supports the skull

Fun fact: The atlas vertebra is named after the Greek Titan Atlas, who was condemned to hold up the sky. Just like Atlas supported the world, the…

AtlasPROfilax® - Client review

Your neck deserves the best care possible. With AtlasPROfilax, you can expect gentle and precise adjustments to restore balance and alleviate…

Discover the transformative power of AtlasPROfilax®

Life's too short to live with constant neck pain. Discover the transformative power of AtlasPROfilax and unlock a world of comfort and vitality! You…

AtlasPROfilax® – Break free from the cycle of neck pain!

Are you tired of constantly battling neck pain? It's time to break free from the cycle! AtlasPROfilax offers a holistic approach to address the…

How to get in contact with an Atlasprof®

To find the contact information to your local AtlasPROfilax practitioner, go to where you’ll find a map of…